MGT502 Organizational Behavior Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2014

Topic: Motivational Theories
Ms. Uzma works as a supervisor in a leading software house. She has been working with the firm for last five years and made her way up the ladder starting as “Junior Developer” to “Team Leader”. Due to her capabilities and experience at various positions in this firm, she is considered as the most knowledgeable and respectful employee. Owing to this fact, her manager told her about promotion to another higher rank if she continues the same hard work. This made her excited and she began to work even harder, skipping breaks, taking more responsibilities and even working for late hours. After some time she realized that her peers are putting less effort as compared to her but enjoying the same perks and privileges. This made her upset, but she reminded herself about her challenge to be promoted.
Analyze the situation and identify which motivation theory is applicable to Ms. Uzma. Explain with proper justification.

Equity theory is applicable to Ms. Uzma.According to this theory, individuals are motivated by a sense of fairness in their interactions. Moreover, our sense of fairness is a result of the social comparisons we make.
Specifically, we compare our inputs and outputs with someone else’s inputs and outputs. We perceive
fairness if we believe that the input-to-output ratio we are bringing into the situation is similar to the
input/output ratio of a comparison person, or are ferent. Perceptions of inequity create tension within us
and drive us to action that will reduce perceived inequity.