MGT502 Organizational Behavior GDB 1 Solution Spring 2014

Learning Objectives:

  • To create awareness among the students regarding the emerging concept of emotional intelligence
  • To inculcate the concept of emotional intelligence in a practical manner.

It was a cliché that a team supervisor needs to have a sound knowledge of personalities of members working in the teams. But with the advent of Emotional intelligence, now there is a growing concern which is a step ahead of just personality awareness. Now a manager needs not only to be aware of his own personality but also use his potential to drive others to achieve goals.

Do you think emotional intelligence can really help managers to understand the moods and emotions of subordinates, and hence, to control their behavior? Explain by giving a suitable example from your daily life.


Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions. Emotional intelligence play a vital role in your own life. I try to define Emotional Intelligence (EI) with the help of Example.

For example in a office boss give work A and B. Boss also give deadline on his work. But AB carrying this work can’t complete with this deadline. A have low EI and B have high EI.

On returning to their homes the A, who wasn’t emotionally intelligent, started shouting at his children. This guy acted based on his emotions without thinking about them in an emotionally intelligent way. when the B returned home and found that the kids were noisy he just told himself, “well, why should I shout at the kids, they are not the ones to blame for my feelings, they always make that loud noise while playing. The main reason i am feeling bad is because of my boss”
In Last I suggest you EI is very important therefore, you must be adopt in your own life