MGT502 Organizational Behavior GDB Solution Fall 2012


Ahmed is working as a “creative manager” in a TV channel. Currently his team is working on launching new political show. Previously his team has worked on different successful projects that played an important role in fame of the TV channel. His team is comprised of competent people but whenever his team starts working on new project, conflicts occur on proposing main theme, objectives and content which sometimes cause delay. It creates problems for Ahmed and also hurts his and his team’s repute in front of higher management. But at the same time, innovative and different work is very important for the channel survival and to generate distinction among a large number of both local and international TV channels. He has discussed this issue with his friends. One of his friends has suggested him that being manager and responsible authority, he should diminish the conflict so that his team can function harmoniously and get the projects completed in time.  Second friend has suggested that conflict is good for generating original, innovative and unique work. After hearing the suggestions of both friends, Ahmed is still in perplexing situation that he should opt the opinion of which friend?



1. Identify the type of conflict that occurs in Ahmed’s team while developing projects (only mention name of conflict type)?
The Answer is Task Conflict (write in detail about it).

2. In the given scenario, Ahmed should prefer which conflict view (the traditional view, the human relations view or the inter-actionist view) and also provide solid reasons to follow the particular conflict view?