MGT502 Organizational Behavior GDB Solution Fall 2013


Point of Discussion (POD)

The concept of work-family conflict (WFC) is defined as a role conflict caused by taking on too many responsibilities at work and home for employees. WFC is the negative interaction between work and family and on the other hand balanced work-life have positive relation with them. Organizational studies have demonstrated that work-life balance practices can improve organizational performance and commitment and increase job satisfaction.

How organization can minimize the conflict role in work family life. Discuss with solid points.


Family businesses have several strong points. Sons and daughters grow up learning about their company at the breakfast table and by the time they are old enough to start work they know the business inside out.

Employees at a tightly-knit family business are often more committed and prepared to take a long term view. A family-run business can react faster because its directors trust one another more.

However, there are several areas where family businesses risk running into problems:

  • poor communication – since family members already know one another well they sometimes don’t realise they still need to listen and make time for formal meetings;
  • treatment of non-family employees – without careful handling staff can feel excluded and demotivated;
  • succession – fewer than ten per cent of family businesses survive to the third generation.

Draw up a constitution

To make sure you are all working towards the same goal it is vital to draw up a constitution or ‘family creed’. In many ways this is similar to a business plan.

It should cover the following:

  • leadership and management structure;
  • business strategy, objectives and ethos;
  • voting and share ownership;
  • communication;
  • succession;
  • board of directors and their powers;
  • rules for family joining the business;
  • training, remuneration and appraisal of all employees;
  • non-executive directors and other outsiders;
  • dispute resolution.