MGT502 Organizational Behavior GDB Solution Fall 2017

The premise

The software industry has continued to grow over the past decade and now there is a need to provide training to employees in various phases of software life cycle. Swaam Tech. is a software house, providing training on software life cycle to two groups by segregating their personality types.

People in group “A” have an intense desire and sense of urgency to gain knowledge and are more impatient. Whereas, employees in group “B” are more relaxed, easy going, work steadily and enjoy achievement. Psychological theories assert that everybody is not fit for all kind of tasks as people have different personality types and abilities. The personality type of an individual generates a great deal of impact on the performance of various activities.

Note: Different nature of jobs require different personality types which ultimately leads to high performance.

Point of Discussion

In your opinion, which personality type of individuals would be scored higher on the performance indicators of Swaam Tech. as compared to other personality type? Provide your argument in the support of your choice.