MGT503 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2017

The Case: Sameen is the Managing Director of a non-profit organization (NGO). She is the head of organization and has a very demanding schedule that required frequent travelling. Due to decreased federal grant funding, salaries of employees are suffering which results high staff turnover. Sameen needs to supervise two managers; Uzma and Ahmed, who in turn are responsible to supervise further ten staff members each. Uzma is the manager of marketing department. She spends her most of the time in performing social, ceremonial and legal responsibilities. In addition, Uzma attends employees’ special events, ribbon cutting ceremonies, signing legal documents and having a lunch with important customers. She works like a source of inspiration for her staff. She is very motivated, ambitious and expects the same spirit from her staff. Ahmed is the manager of human resource department and he has a strong background in social sciences. He is always ready to handle team conflict and is trying to resolve the conflict with disruptive bargaining or win-win agreement. Ahmed is also known as problem solver and is extremely supportive for his staff. He is very organized and has a lot of experience in union contract participation. He participates in and directs discussions within team and department. Ahmed is very capable and takes necessary initiatives when staff faces unexpected disturbances. Uzma and Ahmed analyzed their departments and both identified same sort of problem. They are worried about their staff being over-worked due to high staff turnover. In addition, Sameen has not shared budgets information with the managers, so they are having difficulty in allocating work to their staff. Sameen said, she has not received sufficient information from the finance department to complete the budgets. While according to the finance department, they have sent her all the information available to them. As a result, staff becomes dissatisfied and the managers are becoming frustrated. In the absence of key information about the departmental budget, managers are facing difficulty to advocate for their staff or to solve their problems.

QUESTIONS: Q 01: Keeping in view the Mintzberg’s managerial roles, which managerial role Uzma and Ahmed are performing? Justify your answer. (6)

Q 02: Being in a lead position, how can Sameen help Uzma and Ahmed to handle their teams efficiently? (4)