MGT503 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2018

ABC is a manufacturing organization that produces spare parts for personal vehicles and supplies it
to top brands of automobiles in Pakistan. The manufacturing units of the organization have been
divided into different sections depending on the type of spare part and its technical specifications.
One of its sections is making spare parts for 1300 CC engine and have top quality technicians named
Amir, Bilawal and Babar. They have excellent expertise in their field and make spare parts near to
perfection. They all report to
Mr. Ahmed who not only supervise them but also motivate them to
learn more and resolve their disputes if arises. Mr. Ahmed checks the quality of all parts himself and
take corrective actions where required. One of his colleagues,
Mr. Hammad takes care of
manufacturing of plastic parts sections and has five technicians worked under him. Both of these
supervisors share their experiences on regular basis to provide uniformed compensations to
technicians. If anything goes wrong at production level they are responsible for that and
management can ask explanation in this regard. Mr. Ahmed and Mr. Hammad are directly reporting
to their department head
Mr. Bilal who keeps a close eye on their supervisory role. Mr. Bilal
provide them the necessary resources both in terms of human and financial to get the job done on
timely basis. He also plays the role of a coordinator among all the sections that manufacture
different types of spare parts. He is responsible for managing the performance of different sections
and implement change where necessary. He is also responsible for implementing the overall
organizational plans to achieve the organizational objectives. Mr. Bilal works under
Mr. Qasim
who is the managing director of the organization. To bring the economy of scope in the
organization, Mr. Qasim is working on a new project that constitute of manufacturing spare parts
for heavy vehicles that provide cargo services. For the purposes he is in contact with a couple of
such organizations and will soon be in contract with them. He submitted his new proposal to board
of directors so that final approval can be taken. Meanwhile, he is managing the plans of overall
manufacturing of the organization and tries to bring new innovations into the manufacturing
process so that majority of work can be automated and chances of errors can be reduced.

Assignment Questions:
Q. No. 1. Managers have three levels, Top managers, Middle managers and First-Line managers. On the basis of above mentioned information, define the managerial level of following employees. (4 Marks)
Mr. Ahmed
Mr. Hammad
Mr. Bilal
Mr. Qasim
Q. No. 2. Management has four functions, Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. On the basis of above mentioned information, what functions, Mr. Ahmed is playing? (2 Marks)
Hint; A manager may perform more than one function.
Q. No. 3. Managers require three kinds of skills to perform their functions, Technical skills, Human skills and Conceptual skills. On the basis of above mentioned information, what kind of skills, Mr. Hammad and Mr. Qasim should possess? (4 Marks) Hint; A manager may require more than one skill.