Mgt503 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 16 Feb 2012

Subjective are as followed

Being a manager, you have to apply Expectancy theory to monitor your subordinate. What step would you follow to apply Strategy? (3 Marks)
How an organization can implement Quality & Innovation controls? (3 Marks)
The famous painter Gul Ji was professionally an architect whereas, he was famous worldwide for his painting. Which of the level of need is demonstrated in this case? (3 Marks)
Compare the following: Line position with line authority and Staff position with staff authority. (5 Marks)
What is control system? How it helps manager in performing controlling function? (5 Marks)
Within in the non-rational decision model, one of the technique is “Satisfying decision making style”. What reason introduce this unique decision making style? (5 Marks)
Charismatic leadership is considered to be most effective in motivating influencing the followers behavior, but still this style is criticized by some.
Provide the list of attributes to justify its effectiveness as well as criticism. (5 Marks)