MGT503 GDB 2 Solution Fall 2012

Scientific Management is defined as the use of the scientific method to define the “one best way” for a job to be done. According to Fredrick Taylor, the managers can best analyze and control the behaviors in organizations through scientific management.

Do you think Pakistani organizations are following the principles of scientific management as described by Taylor; discuss why or why not.


mgt503 GDB 2 solution fall 2012

Another Solution:

According to me they are not asking in terms of yes or no like performing or not, I think they wana know if paki organization performing scientific management so why ?why performing or following or carrying,  provide reason, or if not performing scientific management so write down factors and reason behind it. If m wrong kindly correct me…….

Well many paki organizations using scientific management and some not following the principles of scientific management there are several key factors involved in it

Scientific management: just focus on quantity, efficiency, productivity; define strict rules, manager planning which 90 % paki organization loves it……. J

1)     Yes Paki organization scientific management  because it only focus on profit, outcome, business result

2)     Yes Paki organization using it and not care about employee care, feeling, employee benefits, employee needs, requirement

3)     Some paki organization not following the scientific management because it is Islamic country and many organization care about Muslim, provide pray breaks, respect for female staff and duty schedule

4)      Due to extra strict rules in paki organization employee turnover rate increase and staff leaves organization and try to approach any international organization for going abroad for work

5)     Organization don’t care about employee satisfaction and de motivation increase

6)     Scientific management does not give any authority and power to handle day to day activities as we see mostly in our organization, as if someone is clerk he is punctual hardworking and intelligent still no promotion, benefit for him

7)     Predefined rule and polices not practically good in all the time employees takes different steps to handle the situation

8)     Some paki organization change their process  according to the external environment it also effects company’s performance

9)     Feedback remain missing, like it happened in our organizational system no manager or top management ready to listen  first line staff and employees

10) Man paki organization using SM predefine policies we cannot recognize ideas and suggestion to perform the task in routine work

11) Scientific management just focus on efficiency and not consider the human element like a robot working as it happened here

12) Some business group totally focus on human factor as their business totally rely on human relation

13) Some organization not follow SM planning as realistic planning or actual working is different from documented planning

14)  Scientific management evaluate performance individually not as a group which we see mostly in our organization, many employee hit directly and evaluate his or her performance individually

15)  In scientific management manager just give instruction and impose their planning to the worker to get maximum benefit and profit as the demand, here in pak is same scenario

16) No relaxation, honor for employee, work as a slave, no encouragement , they don’t believe on team work

17) Some organization in Pakistan running business religiously they don’t follow predefine strict materialistic management

 Another Solution:

In my point of view yes, all successful Pakistani organizations are follow the principles of scientific management who’s described by Fredrick Winslow Taylor.


Introduction of Scientific Management:

Fredrick Taylor is a father of scientific management.  Scientific management explains the uses of scientific method. When most people to hear this word science the first image that comes into their minds is one of test tube, computers, white lab coats or rocket ship etc. these outward accessories are part of science. But now this modern era a lot of sciences are deals with physical, material world and involve in study of people their beliefs, behavior, interactions, attitudes institutions and so forth.

Scientific management is also called ”Taylorism” . Taylor’s principles define how to deal or don their job in efficiently manners. Taylor’s four principles of scientific management.


Why Pakistani organizations adopt Taylor’s principles:

Before 21st century there is no awareness about scientific method or principles of Taylor. Most of firms or companies aimed earn maximize profit not focus on their employees and customers needs, wants and satisfaction.  But now this fast growing modern technological competitive era emphasizing on scientific management. But many Pakistani organizations apply scientific management and some are not apply because Pakistan is a religious country some Pakistani  organization are not strictly follow these strict principles of Taylor. But in Pakistan, successful and well known Pakistani organizations and their people known these principles as a labor’s laws. Here are some discuss some well established and well earn good fame in globally. Like:

  1. Nishat Millis Limited,
  2. Gulistan group,
  3. Saga Sports etc.

It is compulsory on all ordinations to fallow all the rules and regulation then they run their business otherwise trade certificate etc not issued.

If they follow these principles or laws then they could get certificate of import export.

So all Pakistani organization have to follow Taylor’s principles.

Because using this techniques Pakistani organizations could raise country standards of living.

These principles make workers more productive and efficient.

Fully cooperation with their employees therefore, organizations get maximize outcomes from their employees or workers.

Through this techniques select workers very carefully and train them to perform a specific task.

Through these roles could divide work and responsibilities between their employees who’s are illegible in relevant skill.

Due to these principles study to each part of the task or work scientifically and then promote the best method to perform this task.