MGT503 Principles of Management Assignment 1 Solution 2017

Topic: “Behavioral Theories of Management… Maslow’s Theory of Need”
The Case:
Saleena Ali was the manager at Aroosh, a well-established Health and Fitness club in Lahore.
Aroosh has made its name in the local market as provider of high quality fitness classes in
form of gym and aerobics. The instructors were considered superior to those working in other
facilities as they were catering to more classes in a day and has more experience due to this.
It was offering around 50 classes each of aerobics and gym (trainer sessions) in a week giving
its members a wide range of class times to choose from.
Saleena had recently been promoted as manager after working at Aroosh as the aerobics
instructor. She was a very popular instructor among the members and was considered as one
of the reasons of their aerobics program success. When she was made manager, the club was
not financially in a good position mainly due to the high percentage of earnings going
towards payroll. She upon becoming manager cut the cost, by eliminating unnecessary
management positions. Though there was unavoidable unhappiness, Saleena was pleased that
the management side of the club was now in order and not taxing on their earnings.
Now her concern was the reception staff, aerobics instructors and gym trainers who according
to her were not working as they should be. She noticed that they all were spending most of
the time chatting with each other and also not giving their best towards conducting classes
and sessions. Sessions of aerobics and gym were not timely starting and equipment (music
player, gym equipment) was not ready on time for session. Instructors and receptionists were
also accustomed to informally swapping shifts and classes when the posted schedule
conflicted with other plans. Most of them were University students, studying in morning or
evening shifts at different universities. They were paid minimum of 100 Rs an hour for
receptionist and 300 Rs per session to the instructor which was more or less equal to the
market rate.
Saleena decided to hold a general meeting with the reception staff and instructors to let them
know her expectations from them. She was their mentor before and had a friendly relation
with them but now her duty as manager was to ensure smooth running of business and make
profit for the club. She was genuinely concerned about the club as she had worked hard to
make it a success for her professional as well as personal reasons. She told the instructors and
receptionist to give their best to make Aroosh a profitable club once again. She explained to
them that they need to work on their lax attitude. She emphasized on no chit chat and the
relaxed of working they are used to off. Saleena asked the receptionists to be on their seats at
all times and instructors were told to be prepared for their sessions 15 minutes before the
scheduled time. Casual and informal shift changing was also prohibited and could only be
done with her consent. She explained that when the club will be successful they all will feel
proud that they are responsible for this success.
A few weeks later Saleena was shocked to see receptionists, instructors leaving their jobs
and joining other places even though they were offering less salary. Over all morale of the
remaining staff was also down. Saleena thought that she felt so good when she saw the club
becoming successful and knowing she has a part in making it successful but why does these
people not feel the same?
Discussion Questions:
Q 1) Describe the motivational problems of the staff at Aroosh using Abraham Maslow’s
Needs Hierarchy. (5)

Maslow’s theory of motivation is called the “hierarchy of needs”. Maslow believes that people have five main needs in the following order of importance:-

  • Physiological Needs 

i) the need to eat
ii) the need to drink
iii) the need to work
iv) the need to sleep
v) the need to reproduce

i) the need for shelter
ii) the need to fell secure

  • Belonging Needs 

i) the need to feel part of a group
ii) the need for acceptance

  • Self-Esteem Needs –

i) the need to feel good about themselves
ii) the need to be recognised for their achievement

  • Self-Realisation Needs –

i) the need for personal fulfilment
ii) the need to grow and develop

Q 2) What strategies should Saleena adopt to deal with the problems? (5)

Motivation People with Existence Needs

  • Pay people enough
  • Workplace safe and good environment
  • Incentives – employee of the month
  • Set goals
  • Treat people as individuals

Motivating People with Relatedness Needs

  • Show respect
  • Delegate – give responsibility
  • Give recognition
  • Communicate
  • Involve people in decision-making
  • Encourage ideas
  • Praise people
  • Get to know people
  • Team building days and office away days
  • Celebrate success

Motivating People with Growth Needs

  • Offer support to complete new tasks
  • Give staff and employees a challenge
  • Work should be made interesting
  • Encourage people to think for themselves
  • Keep people informed
  • Ask people what motivates them
  • Stretch people with new work
  • Offer training where possible