MGT503 Principles of Management Assignment 2 solution Spring 2014

Motivation is the force that moves people to initiate, direct and sustain behaviors and action to achieve personal and organizational goals. There are different schools of thought who have presented a number of theories to motivate people. It is imperative for the students of management to have a good understanding and application skills of these theories.
Which theory of motivation can be applied to motivate following persons. Also find out the specific part or technique, within identified theory, to motivate these individuals; and explain properly how this motivation technique or theory works.
1. A good performer
2. An entrepreneur
3. A lazybones
4. A worker feeling working conditions are unsafe
5. A generous and charitable person

SR #


 Individual to be Motivated



 Motivation Theory Applied



 Specific Part/ Technique



 How Theory/ Technique Works




 A good performer


Expectancy Theory Satisfied Performance and good results. Efforts made by the employee are recognized and is rewarded according to his expectations Performance reward linkage is satisfied. Valence, Out comes


 An entrepreneur


Goal Setting Theory Setting hard goals improves performance Entrepreneurship is a difficult task. It’s a big challenge. This is done by only those individuals who have courage of taking risk of investing their future, their money and who are pursuit of opportunities, and of course they are the individuals who succeed in future.


 A lazybones


McGregor Theory X And Theory -Y Employee dislikes work This employee needs to be regularly counseling of his boss and his boss really have to work very hard to get him motivated, and if he doesn’t get motivated and give the desired results, change that individual because the attitude of the employee is making the company’s objective.


 A worker feeling working conditions are unsafe


Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Need  Theory Safety Needs Safety needs are the basic needs described by Abraham Maslow which is the basic need while working because if this level is un satisfied, no one works and the organization’s goal will not be achieved without working. If this first need is satisfied, than comes the second need which is SOCIAL NEEDS.


 A generous and charitable person


Motivation-Hygiene Theory Motivator factors This specific person got all the motivator factors in his job that are

1-      Achievement

2-      Responsibility

3-      Recognition

4-      Work it self

5-      Growth and achievement