MGT503 Principles of Management Quiz 2 Fall 2012

  1. Which of the following view in concerned with respecting and protecting individual liberties and privileges such as the right of privacy, freedom of consciences, free speech, life and safety and due process?.
  2. Manager transmits the info outside the organization. Which role is he playing?
  3. Most important points of Edward Deming’s philosophy?
  4. Process of monitoring performances, comparing it with goals and correcting and significant deviation known as?
  5. Assumptions involving Theory Y.
  6. Taking visitors to dinner, ribbon cutting ceremonies come under which role?
  7.  First step in taking rational decision?
  8.  Individual associated with scientific management?
  9. Tax revenues and government grants for city are called?
  10. Manager explaining company policy to new employee would be acting in which role?
  11. Firm advertises that it only uses recycled paper products, it is called?

If you go through following topics in detail, I hope you all will have a very good quiz.

  1. Managerial roles in organization
  2. Decision Making
  3. Rational decisions
  4. Understanding group behavior.