MGT503 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 9 December 2012

MGT503 Today Paper   Total Questions = 27 Total MCQ = 22    (Each of 1 Marks) Total Short Questions = 3 (Each of 3 Marks) Total Long Questions = 2 (Each of 5 Marks) Difference between e commerce and e business 3 marks Scenario analysis 3 marks Decision making technique

Another Paper:Total  questions 27 22 MCQs & 5 Questions.

  1. Group decision making is preferabla then the indivitual group decision making?gives logical reason
  2. Rational decsion model how effective for organization?
  3. How pre-classical veiw of management more imporatnt still use in this era?
  4. Charecteristics of csenario analysis?

Last Q. is

  1. If govt.tax rate increase in current budget what will effect on enviroment in decision making?