MGT504 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2017

ABC is an emerging retail chain in Pakistan dealing in gents and ladies casual and party footwear. It started its business in 2010 and within seven years it has more than 70 outlets throughout country and has presence in all four provinces. By progressing rapidly, the company has captured 12% market share in footwear industry. To build brand image and increase sales, it has aggressive approach toward advertisement and sales strategies. The company aims to be one of the leading retail businesses in footwear industry and capture the market share of 35% within next ten years.

To attain its vision, the company has recruited experienced sales force and marketing officials. Different training and workshops are being conducted on regular basis to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of the sales forces. As a selling strategy, the company has divided the sales force into different regions and territories. Sales targets and performance standards are used to be communicated at the start of financial years which are meant to be challenging but achievable. Performance is evaluated on sales volume. To motivate the sales forces, special allowances and bonuses are given to salesman who meets sales targets. The company also provides special packages and promotions to those employees who go beyond their targets and achieve higher sales volumes.

Assignment Questions:

Q. 1. On the basis of above mentioned information, what kind of organizational culture the company is practicing. (4 Marks)

Q. 2. Provide two logical statements to support your selected organizational culture? (4 Marks)

Q. 3. What kind of environment is suitable for the organization, Stable/Unstable? (2 Marks)