MGT504 Organization Theory & Design Assignment 1 Solution

Assignment # 1
You are required to visit a nearby organization. If at least 20 employees are working there, then it will be considered as an organization for this project. Contact any person at managerial level of that organization; and get information about organization’s design in detail. Based on the collected information, fill in the following Performa.
Question 1: (3 marks)
You are required to provide the following information regarding your visited organization.
i. Name and Address of the Organization:
ii. Name and Designation of the Contacted Person:
iii. Contact number & Email Address of the Contacted Person:


  1. i.              Name and Address of the Organization

Organization name: Service Center PMU BOR LRMIS

Address: Near Assistant Commissioner Tehsil Office

  1. ii.            Name and Designation of the Contacted Person:

Name: q btaun name apna

Designation: Service Center Incharge.


  1. iii.           Contact number & Email Address of the Contacted Person:

Contact number: # #####

Email Address: sci.@punjab-zameen.gov.pk

Question 2: (1 mark)
Which type of organizational design this organization is following? (Choose one)
o Mechanistic
o Organic
Question 3: (2 marks)
Briefly explain the information linkages being practiced by the visited organization.

This is a government base organization and working under (PMU) Project Management Unit. Information takes from local government (AC),(DCO).Notifications come from direct through PMU send by the Provincial Government implementation is must by the Incharges

Question 4: (2 marks)
What kind of external environment does the visited organization face?

Solution:  Clash and skirmish between Local Government ACS DCOs and as they are not in favor of this new department in some extant as it take place of patwaries and Tehsildars which would be dismissed in future.

So this organization faces conflict from external environment.

Question 5 (2 marks)
What discrepancies do you find in the ideal implementation of organizational structure in visited

  • This is the admirable organization is differentiate him from other government organization due to certain reasons.
  • Public dealing direct through authority as well as officials.
  • There is hierarchy in the organization but communication is there at every stage from top to bottom.
  • This organization denies protocols of officers.