MGT504 Organization Theory & Design Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

Due Date: 23 July, 2014 Marks: 10 

The structure of an organization must accomplish two things. First, it must deliver a framework of reporting relationships, responsibilities, and groupings; and second, it must deliver a mechanism for coordinating and linking organizational elements into a coherent whole. The framework of relationships can be observed on the organizational chart but linking the organization into coherent whole requires the use of information systems and linkage devices in addition to the organization chart. Hence manager always tries to align the structure according to the organizational needs.
What can be the situations where the organizational structure is out of alignment with the organization’s needs? Identify and elaborate at least two situations.


  • Senior leadership is not aligned.
  • The management and employee communication is weak or less.
  • Senior staff is leaving the key jobs.
  • There is a gap between the employee and the owner or manager of the organization in term of organizational affairs.

There is a grouping among the employees which could harm the organization’s key projects

  • Gap of communication among the members of the organization
  • Grouping of workers or employees