MGT504 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 9 December 2012

I am sharing this with you that all paper was conceptual either that was MCQs or short questions.  23 MCQs, There were 2 questions of 5 marks and three questions of 3 marks which are given below.

Here I am sharing the shot questions with you for your guidance.

1.      Information technology how much important for you being a student in your routine life? What will be effect it if it is not available? 5 marks
2.      Is the design of service provider organization associated with different factors? Discuss it 5 marks.
3.      There are three types of dynamic control systems; Bureaucratic control, Market control, Clan control.

What do you think when bureaucratic type should be used in the organization? 3 marks

4.      How can you identify if a company has mechanistic structure?  3 marks
5.      How environment can weak the structure design of the organization? 3 marks