MGT510 Assignment No 2 Spring 2012 solution

Ms. Asma is working as a customer care representative in an international airline. Her job responsibilities include the handling of telephonic queries about ticketing and seat reservation issues and updating the flights status to the customers both over telephone and through direct interaction with them. Good gestures, a lot of endurance and courtesy are the prerequisites of this job. It is critical for her to reply the queries and resolve problems of the clients efficiently due to very limited staff available to share her work burden at front desk and less-supportive online information system.

Without proper information from the computer, she was forced to use printed directories and guides for replying the customer’s queries. She is competent but sometimes got frustrated due to hectic and non-supportive nature of her job and failed to fulfill the daily targets assigned by concerned section in charge. Sometimes, Asma worked for extra hours in order to complete her office work. She had discussed this condition with her manager but instead of resolving the matter, he said that she is the only staff member who is facing these problems and he never received such type of complaints from other staff members doing the same job. Besides this, her boss is not happy with her work.

Being a quality analyst, you have to answer the following questions:
Q1: What might be the Deming’s point of view about the above mentioned situation? (5 Marks)
Q2: How will you practically implement the Deming’s 14 points (Any 4 points) in the same scenario? (20 Marks)

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