MGT510 Total Quality Management Assignment 1 Fall 2013

ASSIGNMENT: ABC Corporation intends to launch a new mobile and held a discussion with organization managers regarding it. The managers shared their opinion about how to incorporate quality in the new product.Mr Shiraz, Manager Marketing, said that it’s the final features of a product that will decide whether it is a quality product or not. Mr Yasir, production manager said that for a product to be quality product, we need not only to consider the final features but also the processes through which this product is produced. Another colleague Mr Zulfiqar, Manager Finance, said that before classifying a product as quality product, we also need to consider the price of a product and compare it with not only the market but also the features of the product that it offers. Given all these points, it became difficult to agree about the specific definition of quality that is more prominent.
Question: What does the opinions of all the three friends correspond to?