MGT510 Total Quality Management Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

Mr.Sheraz recently got appointed as CEO at firm that manufactures and provides shoes at national level. He held several meetings with all the departmental representatives of the organization to get a picture of the prevailing situation. After all the meetings held, he stood dissatisfied and therefore decided to take measures that may enable the firm not only to achieve efficiency but also get competitive advantage over the other firms as well. For this purpose, he visited every department of the organization including Finance, Marketing, Production & Operations, IT and Administration and studied their structure and value chain analysis. He left the doors of his office open to all the suggestions and then delivered several decisions. These included the coordination among all the departments, removal of several steps from the Productions department that were having no value at all, initiated several employee welfare programs, and established a Research and development department to come up with the new customer demands so that they may be incorporated either in the existing products or may attempt to come up with the new products in order to satisfy the customers.
Question: One of the colleagues working in the same organization pointed that Mr.Sheraz is just proving his existence but his secretary said that Mr Sheraz is simply trying to incorporate “Total Quality Management”. Elaborate the statement of his secretary with logical reasons.

Idea Solution:

The quality principles that successful TQM companies recognize and attempt to continually incorporate into their actions are the following:

        People will produce quality goods and services when the meaning of quality is expressed daily in their relations with their work, colleagues, and organization.

        Inspection of the process is as important as inspection of the product.  Quality improvement can be achieved by the workers closest to the process.

        Each system with a certain degree of complexity has a probability of variation, which can be understood by scientific methods.

        Workers work in the system to improve the system; managers work on the system to improve the system.

        Total quality management is a strategic choice made by top management, and must be consistently translated into guidelines provided to the whole organization.

        Envision what you desire to be as an organization, but start working from where you actually are.

        Studies have indicated that people like working on a quality-managed jobsite especially due to the cleaner site and safer place to work.

        Accept the responsibility for quality.  Establish datums for measurement.

        Use the principle of get it right, the first time, every time.

        Understand that quality is a journey, not a destination.  It consists of steps that form a process that is continuous.

The goal of management is to create a culture of quality across the entire project site–get the job done right, the first time, every time.  As in the airline industry where 99-percent quality is not good enough, the construction industry also needs to strive for 100-percent quality.  Today, the number of contractors being considered for projects by some owners is growing smaller, and only those contractors who can produce quality work are being asked to bid by these owners.  Every effort to incorporate the above principles into the company’s actions will further quality production.