MGT510 Total Quality Management Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2014

Scenario: Every organization intends and strives to increase its business as much as it can.
Increase in the scope of the business not only requires new technology but also results in the
increase of human resources of the organizations as it is the human resources that operates
machinery, add more to it and succeeds to get a competitive advantage over the other
competing organizations. Therefore it is becoming more and more important as well as
challenging to have competent workforce that can help an organization achieve its vision and
mission. To have such a competent workforce organizations need to develop policies that can
help attract, retain, motivate and groom employees to yield. Due to its increasing prominence
for the organization growth and success, the bodies that regulate the business organizations
also came to lime light to address these issues.
Question: Describe how the ISO: 9001‐2000 provides guidelines to the organizations so that
they may use their human resources as per the standards.


Human Resources
6.2.1  General
Personnel performing work affecting product quality shall be competent on the basis of appropriate education training, skills and experience.
Human Resources
Involvement of People
In order to achieve its objectives and to stimulate innovation, an organization should encourage the involvement of its people through
  • · identifying competence needs for each process activity,
  • · selection, ongoing training, and career planning,
  • · defining responsibilities and authorities,
  • · establishing individual and team objectives, managing performance and evaluating results,
  • facilitating involvement in objective setting and decision making,
  • · encouraging recognition and reward facilitating open, two-way communication by continually reviewing the needs of its people,
  • creating conditions to encourage innovation,
  • · ensuring effective teamwork,
  • · using information technology to facilitate communication of suggestions and opinions,
  • · using measurements of people satisfaction for improvement, and
  • · invest
  • · targeting the reasons why people are leaving the organization.
Subcontracting or temporary employment of people should be considered to ensure that the objectives
of the organization are achieved