MGT510 Total Quality Management Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

“Plagiarism occurs when a writer deliberately uses someone else’s language, ideas, or other original (not common-knowledge) materials without acknowledging its source” (as cited in Quinn, 2006)*. Particularly in an e-learning environment, this issue is receiving significant attention as it is relatively easier to detect a ‘copy-pasted’ answer using different software.

As a student of Virtual University, BESIDES the use of software what policy would you suggest to be deployed to ensure quality is achieved in learning process of students?

Teachers should do the following.

1. Give students a clear and explicit definition of plagiarism at the beginning of the semester, preferably on the syllabus.

2. Make a clear distinction between acceptable collaboration and plagiarism, preferably on the syllabus. Because this distinction can vary from discipline to discipline or from department to department, students can become confused unless the distinction is spelled out explicitly for each class. The explanation of the collaboration policy for 16.070 is a good example.
3. Create assignments that encourage originality and discourage plagiarism.
4. Create assignments that are unusual or that take a different slant on the material, thus eliminating “canned papers” that can be easily purchased or even found for free on the Web.
5. Create writing assignments that have several parts (e.g., a proposal, an annotated bibliography, a first draft, a second draft).
6. Request photocopies of all sources used in a paper.
7. Have students email you a copy of their essays as well as hand in a hard copy. The email version will be easier to submit to a plagiarism search engine, and the very fact that you make this request might be enough to deter some students from plagiarizing.


How do you think it would  facilitate academic integrity along with developing strong moral values  among students?

It shall increase the interest of the students as well as helpful to build confidence. It shall be helpful in practical life ahead.