MGT510 Total Quality Management GDB Solution Spring 2014

Suppose in an organization there are 3 different departments ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’. Each department has its own manager responsible for his/her employees. Manager of ‘A’ and ‘B’ departments recently allowed paid leaves to 2 sick employees on medical grounds and these leaves were approved by higher authority.  The medical condition of these employees resulted due to a past health problem and top management had not communicated any defined leave policy for such cases. However, manager of ‘C’ department refused to give paid medical leaves to his subordinates on grounds that it was not company policy to do so.

As a student of TQM, do you think this is an issue of ‘Quality’? If yes, then justify how you believe so. (Avoid lengthy and unnecessary explanations)

Solution: Quality means uniformity in all the systems and procedures of the organization. In this case there seems to non-uniformity. So, it is a matter of quality and this scenario the management is not achieving quality in policies