MGT510 Total Quality Managment Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2012

Mr. Kamal is working as Manager Software design for desktop software development at Facebook. He is responsible for working on new products that expect to deliver to millions of users’ computers to help make their entire computing experience more social. Due to innovative aspect of his job, he requires certain skills in his team to align designs and code reviews with Facebook’s overall social experience. On a certain project of developing software, he has to closely work with product and design teams to define feature specifications of Facebook future applications. He realized quickly that the team lacks specific skills which are necessary for designing new product applications. Through inspection of sample prototypes from his team, he felt fear of failure between team members as most of the samples were based on previous copied running applications. Mr. Kamal has to inspire through leadership techniques in order to motivate his team members by focusing on meeting Facebook user needs and improving processes. He focused on instilling risk taking in his team members to come up with different innovative designs. When reporting to his senior management, Mr. Kamal was told to standardize the processes and quickly meet requirements of project goals.

Requirement: Being a quality analyst at Facebook, you have to answer the following questions:
Q1: What might be your point of view if you were Edward Deming about the above mentioned scenario? (5 Marks)

Q2: What will be practical implementation of Deming’s 14 points (Any 5 points) in the above same scenario? (10 Marks)

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