MGT520 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2017

International Business (mgt520) Assignment no 1 Due Date: 16 May, 2017 Marks: 10 LEARNING OBJECTIVE: The core objective of this activity is to make the students familiar with the importance of joint venture in international business.
LEARNING OUTCOMES: After this activity, students will become more aware that why companies opt joint venture instead of other means to enter in international market.
Background: Sony-Ericsson is a successful joint venture between Sony which is a multinational mobile phone manufacturing company in Tokyo, Japan and Ericsson which is Swedish manufacturing company of the telecommunications equipment. Ericsson usually get its processing chips from Philips, but unfortunately in March, 2000, a fire demolished the production facility of Philips. Thus having a severe deficiency of chips, Ericsson get more activated to form a joint venture with Sony, and then on February 16, 2012, Sony attained Ericsson’s share in the endeavor and give a name to the company as Sony-Ericsson Mobile Communications.
Keeping in mind the scenario of Sony-Ericsson, mention at least five factors that why Joint Venture is considered to be the easiest way to enter in to the foreign market? (2*5)