MGT601 GDB 2 Solution Feb 2015

SMEs are considered to be the backbone of economy in any country. We have role model of SMEs like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc. In Pakistan SMEs constitute nearly 90% of all the enterprises in Pakistan and employing 80% of the non-agricultural labour force and their share in the annual GDP is 40% (approximately). However, unlike large enterprises in the formal sector, a small and medium enterprise is constrained by financial and other resources. This inherent characteristic of an SME makes it imperative that there should be a mechanism through which it may get support in different functions of business including technical upgradation, marketing, financial and human resource training & development.

Consider the case of Laraib enterprises, which is indulged in the marble processing and had capacity to make supplies in local market. The designing and necessary requirements are fulfilled and the company is stuck at the point of marketing (promotion) its product to generate sales. Laraib enterprises can use many of the available tools for its promotion that may include (Advertising, Sales promotion, Public relations, Personal selling, Direct Marketing etc) to create awareness and to establish its name. Any how the company (Laraib enterprises) has limited resources to cope up with the situation and to succeed.

Being a SME student and having broad knowledge of your subject, keeping in view the nature of the product and resources, what would you suggest for Laraib Enterprises to opt any two of the above mentioned promotion tools and why? Discuss logically.