MGT601 GDB Solution Fall 2012

Real time Scenario
Most of the businessmen operating in SME sector in Pakistan are blaming government for not providing adequate infrastructure required for smooth business operations and expansions. Sky rocket prices of patrol and transportation and unavailability of electricity is not less than a nightmare for SMEs owners. But this is the one side of the coin, on the other side the owners of SMEs are not effectively playing their due and awaited role. For example, businessmen who have inherited businesses from their families are not cracking the innovation in true sense. Most of the business ideas are just imitation of most prevailing investment opportunities. Most of the business ideas not dynamic which could allow the business expansion go beyond the local city. In addition to aforementioned discussion, most of the businessmen are not even aware of the importance of market research and considered this activity as waste of time and money. Right now the SME sector is fighting with multifaceted problems and requires attention of both, the government officials and business owners.

Point of Discussion (POD)

Being the student of SMEs, you are required to first list at lest ten (10) challenges/difficulties currently faced by SMEs in Pakistan that can be solved by businessmen. Secondly you are required to discuss the possible precautionary measures ( at least five) that must be taken by the businessmen themselves to combat those challenges instead of waiting for government support


I think ths GDB includes those challenges which SME’s are facing in ths era such as Technology, Infrastructure , Finance , Knowledge etc…

And the remedies 4 ths r also reverse of these factorss..