MGT601 SME Management Quiz 1 Spring 2014

What kind of benefits a small business can enjoy after an IPO process?
Access to the capital market
Increases incredibility

  • All of the given options

If you are facing great resistance from your family members and friends in starting
a shoe manufacturing business and they are arguing that this business is against our
status or tradition then what kind of barrier they are offering?
Golden Handcuffs
Lack of business know-how

  • Social Stigma

In recent years, which of following country has lowest per worker productivity?
All are at same Level
Which of the following abbreviated as LCCI?

  • Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Labour Council of Correspondence and Interaction
Local Council of Commerce and Investment
Legal Chamber of Correspondence and Interaction
Who is the secretary general of National Planning Committee (NPC) developed in

  • MR . K.T. Shah

MR . K.Y. Shah
MR . K.S. Shah
MR . K.K. ShahWhich one of the following parameters is considered in declaring a business as a
small business?
Share in the economy
Number of competitors

  • Resources control doubt

Volume of production
What is the contribution of SME sector in the GDP of Pakistan according to
economic survey 2002-3?

  • Over 30%

Less than 10%
More than 70%
Facts are not available
UNIDO stands for:
United Nation Industry and Development Organization
Universal Network Industry and Development Opportunity

  • United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Universal Network Institute of Development Opportunity
Which one of the following entrepreneurs duplicates existing activities and put them
into practice without any expenditure on research?
Innovating entrepreneurs

  • Imitating Entrepreneur

Fabian Entrepreneurs
Drone Entrepreneurs
What is the percentage of new investment is generated by small and medium
enterprises came from retained earning?

  • 57%