MGT601 VU Solved Quiz No. 1 Spring 2012

To start a business, any thing like cash or asset that you have arranged by personal pool fund is called _______________.

In market feasibility, you can identify all of the following critical information EXCEPT:
Sales volume at different price levels
Reliability of performance
Analyze the receptivity of the product
Soundness of chosen market strategy

Which of the following is the indigenous product of Pakistan?
Dairy Product

A loan for a period of 15 years or more is said to be:
Short – Term Loan
Medium – Term Loan Long – Term Loan
Unlimited Loan

How many labor laws that exist in Pakistan to control the labor issues?

Which of the following is true about today’s global economy?
Knowledge Based Economy
Industrial Based Economy
Economy of Socialism
Capital Economy

Which of the following countries are the main contributing countries of program “Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries (TCDC)”?
China, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Indonesia
China, Pakistan, India and Indonesia
Japan, Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia
Japan, Pakistan, Singapore and Indonesia

Which of the following activity is the most recommendable before starting a new SME venture to avoid the failure of venture?
Feasibility Study
Personal Visionary Approach
Market Survey
Competitive Analysis

What is meant by market myopia?
Overlooking of market
Lack of expansion of market
Inflexibility of market
Obstinacy of market

Following are the basic reasons behind low tax base in Pakistan EXCEPT?
High cost of book keeping
Harassment of tax authorities Non cooperative role of CBR
High physiological cost

Following are the methods which can be used to find new ideas for a product EXCEPT:
Novel Use of Known Products
Watching Trends in Fashions

Market Myopia

Which of the following statement is important for an entrepreneur, provides information about the sources from which cash has been generated and how it has been spent during a specific period of time?
Income Statement
Balance Sheet

Cash Flow Statement
Owner’s Equity Statement

Which of the following can be expressed as PITAC?
Pakistan Industrial Technical Assistance Center
Pakistan Industrial Technological Aid Council
Pakistan Industrial Training Aid Commission
Pakistan Industrial Teaching Association Council

Which of the following fund is created by World Bank to support the energy policy developed by Pakistan back in 1995?
The Potential Enlargement Sector Development Fund (PESDF)

The Private Sector Energy Development Fund (PSEDF)
The Endowment Fund for Energy Development (PEFED)
The Power Sector Enlargement Expansion Fund (PSEEF)

What kind of management level training is required for SME a sector that is not provided by Pakistan institute of Management Sciences (PIMS)?
Top Level Management
Middle Level Management

Low Level Management
Corporate Level Management

In recent years, how much per worker productivity of Pakistani labour force has decreased as compared to China.


Following factors can be assessed by cash flow statement EXCEPT:
Company’s need of cash for procurements
Company’s need for external financing
Company’s ability to generate positive cash flows Company’s ability to pay dividends(doubt)

Which of the following is an external source of information for new product idea?
Analysis of concepts in the light of existing problems
Search of memories to find information related to the concept

Newspapers, trade journals, professional journals
Recombining the elements found in new and useful ways

Which of the following is the expressed form of PCSIR?
Pakistan Centre of Systematic and Institutional Research

Pakistan Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Pakistan Commission for Skill and Instructional Record
Pakistan Core Scientific Information Resources

Which of the following is NOT included in a statement named “Cash Flow” in an accounting period?