MGT602 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2017

You are working as a business consultant and your office is located in Gulberg, Lahore. One day your friend Mr. Akhtar working in an auto rickshaw manufacturing firm, came to meet you and started talking on an issue he is facing.

Akhtar: I am not satisfied with my job as I do not see further growth in my job.

You: You are an R & D manager and still you are not satisfied with your job! I think it is your interest to work in an R & D department where you can conduct research on your own innovative ideas and develop unique products related to auto industry which give benefits to your firm. Secondly, you have degrees in mechanical engineering and MBA then this firm suits you as per my observation.

Akhtar: Yes, you are right but I have now plenty of experience of my current job and took my firm at the leading position in the market by working on different innovative ideas so, I don’t think that any learning is left on my part.

You: My dear, current environment is very hostile so I don’t advise you to leave your job until you have some contingency plan.

Akhtar: Contingency plan… What do you mean by it?

You: I mean, have you any other income source?

Akhtar: No… Not at all. Salary is my only companion.

You: Then why are you going to make your life difficult? You are the bread earner of your family and your family depends on you.

Akhtar: Yes, and this thing compels me to do job and nothing else. You: Well, I have some good option for you if you are interested? Akhtar: Tell me I am very anxious.
You: I think, “You should start your own business”.

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