MGT602 Entrepreneurship GDB 3 Solution Fall 2013

Learning Objective:
The discussion will enable the student to understand the implications of product packaging, labeling and branding.

Learning Outcomes:
After attempting this assignment students will be able:

After attempting the GDB student will be able to understand:
The deficiencies in the fields of branding, labeling and packaging of the products in context of SME’s in Pakistan

In marketing, a product is anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need. Each product is a bundle of attributes like its design, features, labeling, packaging, Branding etc. the product attributes explains individual choices as a process of choosing bundles of product attributes inherent in products and services.

SME’s of Pakistan usually focus on Quality of the product ,Features of the product, Designing of the product etc. but lacking the Branding of the product, packing of the product and labeling of the product

Point of Discussion:
Reading the above scenario what do you think why SMEs are not focusing on Branding, Labeling and packaging of the product? (20 Marks)
Provide at least 6 logical arguments.


  1. Lack of financing:
  2. Lack of entrepreneurial culture:
  3. Loose system of checks by authorities:
  4. Copying and me to products:
  5. Lack of proper SME training and education:
  6. Lacking of the concept of branding and brand value: