Mgt602 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 14 Feb 2012

Total Question = 69
I think 63 Mcqs
3 questions of 3 Mark each
3 Questions of 5 mark each.
All questions and mcqs from past papers and quiz. i attached 11 past papers in one file and recent quiz in which repeated
1. Why entrepreneur writensk cheque weekly. (3)

Factors which helps in success of joint venture. (3)
Types of private investors. (3)
Why innovation has some uniqueness discuss. (5)
Factor help to enhance the motivation in employees.
Main bool gaya

Yeh sab questions past papers main hain.

:::::::::::: paper#2 :::::::::

MGT602 – Entrepreneurship
total question: 69
Mcqs: 63
Subjective questions: 6

Mcqs were mostly from Funds, Cash flow and budgets.

Very Important: Joint venture (lesson # 43) and Capital sources in Pakistan (lesson # 37)

::::::::::::::: paper#3:::::::::::::

SUBJECTIVE QUESTIONS (in my own wording)

Question # 1: What budgets are prepared to prepare pro-forma income statement? Marks 3

Question # 2: Give the list of Pakistani financial institutions work for deveolpment. Marks 3

Question # 3: What is inventory turnover? how it is measured? Marks 3

Question # 4: You are in manufacturing organization? What will your budget constitute ? Marks 5

Question # 5: What is imporatance of cash flow? How cash flow is managed? Marks 5

Question # 6: What are the areas in which history of enterpreneur reflects his work? Is exprience a major factor? Marks 5

::::::::: paper#4::::::::::::::

almost 35 mcqs from past pprs

disadvantages of acquisition? 5 marks

basic points or features of SBA Small Business Administrative? 5 marks

advantages and disadvantages of asset based financing?

write different types of private investors? 3 marks

what is accredited investors ? 3 marks

reasons why business plan fails ? 3 marks

::::::::::: paper#5::::::::::::

Maximum MCQ’s and long question were from past papers
So I advise to concentrate on past papers

Total Long questions: 7
LONG question are:
1. What inventory turnover means (3
2. Advantages of acquation (3
3. Wht is Small Business Administrative (SBA) loan (3
4. Wht is joint venture (5
5. Sources of finance at starting of venture (5
6. Briefly describe Sindh Small Industries Corporation (SSIC) (5
7. How entrepreneur finance at start of venture (5)