Mgt602 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 16 Feb 2012

Total Questions 69

MCQs 62
Questions (3) 3
Questions (5) 4

Subjective Part as under;

63. What are the expenses projected by proforma income statement? 3
64. Loan Application is also called ‘mini business plan’. Comment on this statement. 3
65. While controlling financial issues, what an entrepreneur should do regarding taxes? 3

66. Why is it recommended that an entrepreneur should write cheques weekly? Why should the cancelled cheques be kept & maintained by the entrepreneur. 5
67. Enlist few disadvantages of acquisition. 5
68. If an entrepreneur wants to create a business strategy for a multi country area, with reference to economics what factors he should keep in mind? 5
69. What is asset-based financing? How can it help the entrepreneur to start his business. 5

Another Paper:

63) What basic information does a financial plan provide? (Marks-3)
(64)Briefly explain the procedure to avail Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant. How can an entrepreneur motivate and lead his team? (Marks-3)
(65)How much managerial control do entrepreneurs have in various major forms of business ventures? (Marks-3)

(6)Discuss Small Business Innovation Research Grant Program along with its various phases. (Marks-5)
(68)How the costs and profits may be managed by the entrepreneurs, keeping in view the importance of interim income statement?(Marks-5)
(69)Trademark may be a word, symbol, design, or some combination that identifies the source of certain goods. You are required to discuss different
categories of “trademark” (Marks-5)