MGT602 GDB Solution Fall 2012

Entrepreneurship MGT602
Graded Discussion Board 1

Objective of discussion
The objective of the discussion is to make the students aware of the critical factors affecting business operations that need to be coping with.

Expected learning outcomes
After attempting this activity, following outcomes are expected.
1. You will learn about the critical factors affecting the business operations which need to be tackled to grow in a developing country.
2. You will learn about the potential of the SME sector to contribute in the economic development of Pakistan.

Given the importance of the entrepreneurship in today’s world, some economic experts are of the opinion that the SMEs can solve all kind of economic and social problems faced by humanity today. But in the developing countries, unfortunately, there are certain factors which prove a stumbling block in the way of entrepreneurial process. Pakistan, no doubt, is one of those developing countries which  are fighting against many chronic socio-economic problems like poverty, unemployment and poor education. It is very unfortunate that SME sector, which is the backbone of the economy, is not treated well so far by the policy makers. The vigorous question that needs special attention is not “what SMEs sector has contributed so far?” but what they are capable of contributing?”

Point to ponder
1. You are required to mention those critical factors which prove hindrance in the way of SMEs to grow in Pakistan. Mention at least five factors. (Marks 5)
2. How SMEs can contribute to the economic development of Pakistan? Mention at least five points. (Marks 5)