MGT602 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 9 December 2012

Total questions 27.

MCQs were 22.

Q1.What is Copyright and its limitations.3Marks

Q2.Why creating a vanture with corporation is not better than independent entrepreneur.3 marks

Q3.Describe different kinds of claims and choose a claim about certain given scenario.5 marks

Q4.on the given scenario of online business.Describe it is international entrepreneurship or not .benefits of internet. 5 marks.

Q5.Environment Factor facing by international entrepreneurship. 3 marks

Another Papers:

Total 27 questions 04—03 marks subjectives;  02—-05 marks subjective

1.   Why corporate Entrepreneurs are more successful than Independent Entrepreneurs? (3 marks)

2.   What is GATT? Write is purpose of GATT? (5 marks)

3.   What is written in Description of the Venture section of Business Plan? (5 marks)

4.   While starting new foreign business, what things should Entrepreneur consider?  (3 marks)

5.   In what situation Entrepreneur will involve in Joint Venture, in case of International business? (3 marks)

6.   Dont remember

Almost 80~90% MCQs from the attached MCQs file…