MGT602 VU Mid term Papers Spring May 2012


QUESTION#1 (marks 3)
What are possible decisions taken by operational manager while managing workforce

QUESTION#2 (marks 3)
In your opinion, what can be the circumstances when a Low Cost Producer in an industry brings effectiveness?

QUESTION#3 (marks 5)
Critically analyze the statement “Internal audit provides more opportunities to the participant to understand how their jobs , departments and division fit into whole organization as compare to external audit”

QUESTION#4 (marks 5)
“Horizontal integration is the acquisition of additional business activities at the same level of value chain and nowadays being widely used as a growth strategy”

What can be the situation when horizontal integration  is assumed to be effective?

Another Paper:

Total Questions: 32
Mcqs : 28
Long Questions: 4

29. What are the factors that have facilitate the growth of e-commerce in current era? (3)

30.  Explain increasing partitioning attitude. (3)

31. Ideas for the new products can be obtained from different sources. What is the role of federal Government in creation of a new product? (5)

32  What is a business plan and what purpose does  it serve?

Another Paper:

Q1.What are the five points that should be written an a title page of business plan.Marks5

Q2.Discuss entrepreneur with reference to”Japan and Hong Kong” Marks5

Q3.What activites are required at test marketing stage of product planning and development process. Marks 3

Q4. Discuss key environmental factor that make difference between international entrepreneur and domestic entrepreneur.Marks 3