Mgt603 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 10 Feb 2012

1. Richard Rumelts’ concept of feasibility criteria
2. list down the six factors of threats faced by new entrants
3. If CPM matrix reveals total weighted score of
_ A is 2.50
_ B is 1.50
_ C is 3.24
From above given data, how would you interpret the total weighted score of each
firm and compare firm B with firm A and firm C

what is dual bonus system. Describe with an example. 5 Marks

Describe any five activities that can reduce the cost to the firm. 5 marks

Five steps required for efficient market positioning. 5Marks

What characteristic an organization could determine to find design and strategy evaluation 3Marks

One question is about “People are rational and will follow their self interest” describe what is about . 3Marks

About 50% Mcq from past paper
Mostly MCQs from Boston consulting group ,IFEand EFE, Quardat related ,about penetration ,Market development,