Mgt603 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 10 Feb 2012

Q1. What is significance of production department in an organization? (3 Marks)

Q2. Describe any three consideration of EPS/EBIT? (3 Marks)

Q3. Suggest that what can be the best way to overcome individuals resistance to change while taking corrective action. (3 Marks)

Q4. What is significance of financial ration analysis in internal audit? (5 Marks)

Q5. What key question could express the need for qualitative or intuitive judgment in strategy evolution of a firm? Write any five questions. (5 Marks)

Q6. Although there are many marketing variables that impact the success or failure of strategy – implementation efforts. You are required to discuss the
importance of product positioning for this process? (5 Marks)

Q7. Samson incorporation is going to implement just in time production system. CEO has realized that employees need some sort of training. In your opinion,
what can be the possible problem related to the cross training of employees? (5 Marks)