MGT603 Final Paper 2012

MCQ’s were mixed.
Subjectives were:
1. Richard Rumelts’ concept of feasibility criteria
2. list down the six factors of threats faced by new entrants
3. If CPM matrix reveals total weighted score of
_ A is 2.50
_ B is 1.50
_ C is 3.24
From above given data, how would you interpret the total weighted score of each
firm and compare firm B with firm A and firm C
4. product positioning
5. internal evaluation matrix question
6. Question about Just in Time

Another paper……………………………
Total questions were 69

62 mcq’s

3 question; =3 marks
4 question =5 marks.

Limitation of divisional structure.3 marks

Discuss any three guidelines that can be used to determine whether a firm should conduct R&D internally or externally. 3 marks.

Write down three activities in the value chain by porter supply chain model regarding support activities. 3 marks.

Describe the kind of strategy -evaluation system, a large firm and small organization require. 5 marks

Different b/w strategy formulation and strategy implementation 5 marks

Give some examples regarding marketing decision policies. 5 marks

Staffing is the one of the manager’s functional, write down any five functions of the manager. 5 marks.