MGT603 Strategic Management Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2018

Strategic Management (MGT603)
Assignment # 01
TOPIC: Narrow Mission statement & Broader Mission Statement (Lesson 05)
Due Date: 22 NOV 2018
Learning Objective:
 Students will be able to learn about the narrow and broader mission
Learning Outcome:
 Students will be able to come up with their reviews that can differentiate a
narrow mission statement to a broader mission statement of a company.
The Case:
Mr. Shah has recently launched his new clothing brand in Pakistani market “Wear To Win”. As this brand is at an initial process so it is still undecided by the higher management either to make a broader mission statement or a narrow mission statement that is actually a necessary part of any opening brand or a business. Mr. Shah has called a meeting of the board of directors to have a suggestion about the mission statement of “Wear To Win”. Finally, they all have come up with the following mission statement:
“We strives to make our clothing brand “Wear To Win”, the Pakistan’s largest selling brand that deals in all kinds of clothing like sweaters, jackets, tees, polos, denims, lowers & much more through the most innovative methods (online & offline) in comparison with all of the national and multinational brands in Pakistan by conducting our business operations in a way that will provide profit and growth to further ensure the success of “Wear To Win”.”
You are required to identify whether it’s a broader mission statement or a narrow
mission statement with any four logical reasoning? (6 + 4)