MGT603 Strategic Management GDB Solution Spring 2014


Two young entrepreneurs (Farah and Sameen) have a plan to launch a restaurant with the name “Food Delight”.  They are planning of setting the restaurant at Lahore Polo club, a distant place where there will be no or less hustle and bustle as compared to the city and where the luxuriant green fields of Polo will further enrich the ambiance for clientele. What they want is to provide such a comfort to their customers that would make them stay comparatively longer for food as compared to the other restaurants. It proves that restaurant will mainly be for couples, families and business executives but not for teenagers. Also quality of food, service and ambiance will be the main focuses of entrepreneurs.

Point to ponder:

Being a strategic management student, they requested you to write an effective mission statement along with its key components for their business.


Mission Statement should express

The nature of place (ambiance) = At Polo Club, Green Fields

The Atmosphere = Peace, no noise and rushy,

Style = Luxurious

Priority = Comfort with Delicious Food and customer would like to stay longer

Target Customers = Posh Class & Mature Minds (Families, Couples & Business Executives)

Proposed Mission Statement

Delight of Food delight is to look after the taste of valued families in a clean and homely environment.