MGT610 Business Ethics Assignment Solution Fall 2012

Business ethics has become a hot topic of today. Many organizations are following ethical practices in different ways and many are trying to incorporate those ethical practices into their businesses. Need to Incorporate ethical practices in business strategy has changed the future of the organizations in terms of decision making, strategies, focus, structure and all internal as well as external issues. Analysts fear that the future would not exist without ethics and consider it as essential element that would lead to major organizational change.

Considering the incorporation of ethics in business practices, a challenging issue, it is observed that during the process of implementation, organizations have to face a lot of issues & challenges. Addressing those issues can not only help organizations cope with core concerns but also will pave the way for making business ethics a permanent part of business strategy

Al-Huda International is a leading manufacturer of leather products which are not only popular national wide but also is successfully doing business internationally with specialization in enduring colors and high quality. Al-Huda International has realized the importance of ethics in its business due to many factors and the aim to become an ethically responsible firm.
CEO of Al-Huda is concerned with the accurate and timely implementation of ethical practices in business strategy. On the other hand he knows that organization may face different issue during this process. To streamline this process, he has hired you as an analyst to see what kind of issues AlHuda might face during the process of implementation? For this purpose you also have to find out the reasons of Al-Huda’s eagerness for ethical practices and then have to prepare a report on  the issues that this organization might face

Hint: You have to find why Al-Huda International is so eager to implement ethical practices?
You also have to write that what kind of issues Al-Huda International has to face in process of  implementing ethical practices?
Don’t forget to support your report logically with a suitable example

You have to find why Al-Huda International is so eager to implement ethical practices?

Al-Huda internaitional might be gaining a bad reputation
The competition might be getting ahead of the Al-huda org
Its Decreasing productivity
People do not want to work for such organizations

You also have to write that what kind of issues Al-Huda International has to face in process of implementing ethical practices?

Lost reputation
will need to invest money all over
hire new staff
will need to face critical judgements from the public