MGT610 Business Ethics Final paper 23 February 2013

Under what circumstances is an ad thought to be deceptive? Whatare the three objections to David Gardner’s definition of deception? 5

Is it true that continual economic growth promises to degrade the quality of life for future generations? Expalin. 5

Should we interpret morality either as following certain principles or as a cultivation of certain dispositions and traits? Justify your answer with valid arguments.5

Advertising can lead to increase in consumption. What kind of problems we can suffer owing to increase in consumption?3

In an oligopoly, two of the seven conditions that characterize the purely competitive market are not present. Explain those two conditions? 5

What is meant by social audit? Is it a process or an event?3

Self regulation of staturay control analse 5

How can the freedom of people be determined? Differentiate between positive freedom and negative freedom. 3