MGT610 Business Ethics GDB 1 Solution Fall 2014


Morality has five popular standards to follow, and you have read them thoroughly. The standards of morality stand at different levels of society, and we are somehow related to all of them. Following case will help you to segregate three standards and you will see that how we can distinguish these levels from each other.


Mr. Sheldon has been working as an HR manager for the last 8 years. His ethnicity is Hispanic by mother and British by his father. So he is emotionally inclined towards these two races and prefers to hire people from these ethnicities. By law, he has the right to choose most suitable candidate for the vacancy, so there is no legal restriction on him in this regard. His close friend Mr. Wilson, who is working as Manager Admin in the same company, belongs to a British family, but he always ask Mr. Sheldon not to be racist and try to take decisions on merit. Mr. Sheldon said that there is no legal restriction on him, so no need to take care of it. But Mr. Wilson always talks about morality, value, and ethics of these practices.

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 After reading the above scenario, what do you think that Mr. Sheldon is violating at which level of morality? Support your answer with logical reasons.

Solution: He is violating impartial consideration and at Pre-conventional morality level, right and wrong determined by reward or punishment, because he thinks that there is no legal restriction on him.