MGT610 Business Ethics GDB Solution Spring 2014

Wayforward-sports and leather from Sialkot, is the leading leather manufacturers in Pakistan. It is an established export house for the quality manufacturing & exports of world class Sports goods & Leather Products. Wayforward-sports and leather is not only providing the employment opportunities but also is successful in earning a valuable foreign exchange in terms of exports. But if we see on the darker side of the picture, like many other tanneries, it is also inflicting harm to the environment in shape of industrial waste polluting the environment and inflicting severe harm to the people residing in the premises.

Point of discussion:

As an environmental analyst what do you suggest to Wayforward-sports and Leather Company in order to become a socially responsible organization? Support your answer with at least five valid assumptions. (10 Marks)


According to my point of view  Wayforward-sports and Leather Company can become socially responsible by expanding his business. As this is good manufacturing company in all senses but to avoid dark sides of it the manufacturers must adopt ethical behavior in business.

  • They must take steps to control pollution
  • Wastage of chemicals must be burnt out.
  • Try to avoid conflicts
  • Promote Business activities