MGT611 Business & Labor Law Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2014

Carefully read and analyze the given two scenarios and provide answers in the given tables.
Scenario 1:
Abdullah has two visitors in his office Asif and Naeem. Asif has come to collect Rs. 50,000 for  the catering services that he had offered to Mr. Abdullah’s wedding. Naeem runs an NGO and  has come to collect the donation from Abdullah. Abdullah told that he will donate few  thousand rupees as donation.  While Abdullah was signing checks for Asif and Naeem, he received a call from stock exchange.  It was informed that Abdullah has incurred huge losses on his shares. Abdullah got tensed and  told both visitors that he won’t be able to pay them their amounts.
Keeping in view the above case, identify and fill in the boxes below:

Identify between  Is there any  agreement?  Yes/No  Identify  consideration

Abdullah and Asif
Abdullah and Naeem

Scenario 2:
Galaxy Trek Motors signed a contract with a famous band Sixers. Sixers had six members who  played different instruments. All members of Sixers promoted Galaxy Trek Motors through  photo shoots and their environment protection slogan minimizing its manufacturing process  impact. Initially at the time of signing the contract, it was believed that all six members would  stay in the band till the contract expires. However, the band knew that two of their members  who were expert in violin and digital piano are separating and making their own new band.
As the contract proceeded, two members left the band and Galaxy Trek Motors sued Sixers.  Identify whether the contract is  valid, void or voidable?  Justify