Mgt613 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 08 Feb 2012

1. qualithes of good service design.
Product/Service design plays a strategic role in helping an organization achieve its goals. A good
product/service design can ensure customer satisfaction, quality and production costs. On the other
hand, If an organization is offering poor product or service, customer’s feedback in the form of lack of
interest will result in poor sales. Also Quality and production costs are affected by poor design of the
product or service. The importance is also often looked, as Pakistani organizations have not yet learnt to pay attention to safe operations of their products or services. A poor product or service can endanger the customers or consumers life. For this it is necessary for us as Operations Manager to question the safe operations of the product or service, our organization offers to its customers and thus safe guard our organization from product or service liability. When we discussed organizational and operation strategy concepts we did set a boundary line for our
organizations effective, smooth, reliable and safe operations. When we will design a product or service,
we need to consider the following facts in our design strategy.
1. Cost
2. Quality
3. Time-to-market
4. Customer satisfaction
5. Competitive advantage

A good product or service can be produced or delivered at an economical cost with increased quality,
with a less time to market provided the organization is willing to aim for customer satisfaction and this
most of the time results in competitive advantage as well increase in revenues.

2. Limitations of PERT
Limitations of PERT
1. Important activities may be omitted
2. Precedence relationships may not be correct
3. Estimates may include a fudge factor
4. May focus solely on critical path
3. What i part-period model and why it is useful?
4. Advantages of JIT..
5. Managment software k use kya ha ?