Mgt613 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 16 Feb 2012

62 Mcq’s mostly from online quiz files and past paper files…

3 question of 3 marks
5 question of 5 marks

Briefly discuss what all could be the determinants of the reorder point? 3 marks

How would you justify the reduced set up times and delivery lead times in a JIT system? 3 Marks

PERT analysis helps you to schedule and manage complex projects. List down the benefits of PERT analysis? 3 Marks

Inventories are of various types. You are required to give some of the kinds of inventories? 5 Marks

How can you distinguish a project organization from a traditional organization? 5 Marks

“Standardization plays an important role in product design”. How will you describe this role? 5 Marks

Differentiate Big vs little Just-In- Time system. Which one of the both answers the most pressing questions that an organization faces? 5 Marks

Another Paper:

Why it is important to minimize inventory in JIT 3 Marks

One numerical question about calculation of annual ordering cost whose order size is 250 and ordering cost is 10 and annual demand is 300. 3Marks

Gantt charts are many types .give description any two types of charts 3 Marks

Inventories are various types describe some kind of inventories 5 Marks

What operational benefit could be drawn from JIT 5 Marks

What is Time Series forecasting and how can it carried out efficiently 5Marks

Why waiting lines are formed and how can it affect the efficiency of the firm 5Marks