MGT613 Production / Operations Management Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

The XYZ Paints is the world’s leading paint company, selling its products almost in 100 countries all over the world. Over the years the company has established a wide production and distribution network. For immediate and uninterrupted supply of its products the company has established manufacturing plants in various countries especially where it has high demand of its paints. Instead of using latest technology in manufacturing and other operations of the company, the quality control and quality assurance departments are still working on paper based environment. Moreover different sites are adopting different quality procedures and standards. Over the years, the company’s sale is declining drastically due to the poor quality of the product and the top management is worried about it. Because of the paper based feedback from the customers, lot of data is lost or misinterpreted.

You being the quality control and assurance consultant, are hired by the company to give an immediate and long run solution of this problem, so that company’s sale once again goes back to the rise. Also suggest how equal quality standards can be maintained at all the production plants. (7 Marks)

Explain the quality control and quality assurance and the difference between the two in your own words in 4-5 lines maximum. (3 Marks)