MGT613 Production / Operations Management GDB 1 Solution Spring 2014

The fast food industry is quickly flourishing in Pakistan. Every year we find new local and foreign entrant in the industry with variety of fast food in their menu list. Though the market has enough space for the growth of fast food industry but few big names like McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut have already developed the taste among masses and have captured a big share in the market.

At this point Tasty Fast Food (TFF) has decided to make heavy investment in the fast food industry by opening up its branches in Lahore and Islamabad. You are hired as Manager (Productions/Operations) and are assigned to lead your department. So being PO Manager what will be your responsibilities to start this business and bring improvement in productivity.


Responsibilities of a PO Manager

1. Production

• Contract Review / Capacity Planning

i. Ensure production departments have sufficient time to manufacture  and deliver on time according to the customer’s request.

• Planning & Scheduling of Workload

i. Manage customer order / schedule requirements.

ii. Pre-plan production and deploy a daily prioritised work schedule to  the shop floor with appropriate time deadline targets.

iii. Set, monitor & review work load schedule

• Production Control 

i. Monitor & review production progress against deadline targets to  ensure on time delivery.
ii. Adjust the production schedule as required and communicate any  change to delivery date with the customer accordingly.

iii. Monitor & review manufacturing operations to ensure correct quality  standards.

iv. Ensure that all production related activity is time and cost efficient /  effective.

v. Ensure all plant and equipment is maintained & repaired.

1. Ensuring that jobs are manufactured correctly, cost effectively and delivered on time in accordance to customer build specification and quality requirements.

a. Communicating with all the relevant people / dpts and co-ordinating all relevant inputs (people, plant and processes) to ensure production output and on time delivery targets are achieved.

b. Planning, scheduling and reviewing workload to ensure production output and on time delivery targets are achieved cost effectively.

c. Ensuring that the shop floor has the necessary manpower, competence, skill, knowledge, plant and tooling required in order to achieve production targets.

2. Managing the Purchasing function / dpt to ensure material is purchased cost effectively and available for production when required.

3. Managing the Inventory function /stock control dpt to ensure raw material and product is receipted, located, stored and transferred correctly and that the company’s stock inventory is accurate.